The latin flavor gluten free from Venezuela to Cambridge

Bollitos Pelones

bollitos pelones

It is a little ball made with arepa dough (so yes, it is gluten free!) and stuffed with a tasty stew, similar to the one used in hallacas, our traditional Christmas dish, and they’re bathed in a homemade tomato sauce. It is easy to make but has a lot of steps, so… are you inspired? Let’s go for it!


Hello, arepa lovers! We are proud to present mandocas to you. Made with maize flour, same as arepas, they have a delicious sweet taste.

Arepa tequeños (With corn flour P.A.N)

Arepa tequeños

Hello, arepa lovers! We are super excited for this recipe, it is a gluten free version of one of our favorite Venezuelan dishes.  Tequeños are always part of any Venezuelan celebration and this recipe is a mix between tequeños and the gluten free arepas that you know and love. Let’s start!  Ingredients:  1 cup of […]

How to make arepas with oat for breakfast?

How to make arepas with oat for breakfast?

How to make arepas with oat for breakfast? Ingredients – 1 cup of water– 1 cup of oat flakes– One cup of white corn flour P.A.N gluten-free (120 grams).– One teaspoon salt To buy Harina P.A.N (flour) Steps 1) The first step to make the dough is to mix the cornmeal and oat flakes in […]

How to make cachapas from Venezuela with sweet maize mix flour P.A.N


Cachapa’s ingredients A cup of sweet corn (frozen or from a can) 1 egg (optional) 1/2 teaspoon of salt 1 teaspoon of sugar or stevia 1 cup of sweet maize mix flour P.A.N (Cachapa flour) Butter  Mozzarella cheese To buy P.A.N (Cachapa flour) Cachapa’s Steps to cook Put the sweet corn, egg, salt, stevia, flour […]