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How to make arepas with oat for breakfast?

How to make arepas with oat for breakfast?

How to make arepas with oat for breakfast?


– 1 cup of water
– 1 cup of oat flakes
– One cup of white corn flour P.A.N gluten-free (120 grams).
– One teaspoon salt


1) The first step to make the dough is to mix the cornmeal and oat flakes in a bowl and put your favourite music playlist. I believe that music will inspire you to cook better! Add a teaspoon of salt (I usually use pink salt).

2) Add the water if you feel that it is too soft leave it for a few 15 minutes and the oat will absorb the water. When I make oat arepas the shape is not perfect, and the flavour is super yummy.

3) Now the dough is ready to put in the frying pan! Add a little bit of olive oil or butter in the pan. Next step is to dance a little bit or sign and start to make a ball in your hand. Adding water in your hand feels like you need to do it. Helps to make a better shape.
Now gently and with patience, start to make a form, smashing the ball to create an arepa shape. Please if you need more visual help check this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQB_eOxZ2fk&t=5s

4) Add the arepa in the hot frying pan, keep your eyes there and don’t let it burn.
5) It’s time to put inside whatever you want; in my case, I added scrambled eggs.
6) I love this recipe, and it has many nutrients.

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