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Hello, arepa lovers! We are proud to present mandocas to you. Made with maize flour, same as arepas, they have a delicious sweet taste. Their unique shape gives them a wonderful crunch, a perfect gluten free breakfast! 

Venezuelan food is super versatile, so you can eat them with cheese, maple syrup or alone. Let’s start! 


  1. 1 ripe plantain, boiled for 10 minutes and puréed 
  2. 3/4 cup of corn flour (P.A.N)
  3. 1/2 cup of water 
  4. 2 tbsp of brown sugar 
  5. A pinch of salt *2 tbsp of oil, if you’re cooking them on the air fryer 

Fresh grated cheese 

  1. Combine plantain purée, flour, water, sugar and salt (and oil). Use your hands to get the perfect consistency, a flexible dough that does not stick to your hands. 
  2. Make a little ball, put it on the table and roll your hands through it until you have a tube-shaped dough. Put the ends together to make the classic mandoca shape. 
  3. Fry them on hot oil, medium heat, until they’re golden brown. 
  4. Pour the cheese on top and enjoy! 
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Arepa’s Station gives you the taste of Venezuela in Cambridge. Venezuelans love corn bread and an arepa is a piece of corn bread that’s folded around a filling to make a sandwich or wrap. We fill our arepas with delicious fillings based on family recipes. The result is wonderful authentic Venezuelan food.

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